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Welcome to StarCraft 2 wiki!


It's official! Blizzard has just announced Starcraft 2. There's a Stracraft 2 trailer available and a few gameplay videos have surfaced as well.


I'll track all developments concerning Starcraft 2 and hopefully in the next few months, we'll have a information about the game, including trailers and gameplay videos. Blizzard have already posted quite a bit of info on the new Protoss units, so I started a list of Protoss units. The races will remain the same: Zerg, Terran, and Protoss. You can view a video of the Protoss ultimate battleship - the Protoss Mothership.


Blizzard have stated that there will be new units, new buildings but no new races. They are trying to preserve the spirit of the original game as much as possible.



Starcraft 2: Frequently Asked Questions


When is Starcraft 2 being released?

As usual, Blizzard is not setting a deadline. I hope they manage to get a beta out by the end of 2007 but based on previous titles, I wouldn’t surprised if they delay it.



What are the new units and races?


No new races this time, they’re sticking to the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. There will be plenty of new units though. For example, the Protoss have been beefed up with an Immortal, Stalker, a Phase Prism.


Is Starcraft 2 an RTS or an MMO?


Thank God, Starcraft 2 is an RTS.


It’s a good think Blizzard don’t listen to Vivendi all the time, otherwise they’ll be doing one MMO after the other. In Starcraft 2, there will be a single player and a competitive multiplayer on Battle.net.


Will Starcraft 2 run on my computer?


Blizzard is not posting specific specs but it says the game will run on Vista and Windows XP. So you probably don’t need to upgrade per se. Getting the most of the new 3D look though will require a good graphics card at least.



What’s different in Starcraft 2?


Not much. I can’t blame them, Starcraft is one of the best games of all time, no need to fix it, just expand it.


There will be a new 3D engine, of course. There will be several new units for each race. Also, Battle.net will be upgraded with more multiplayer features.

All in all, I’m happy about what I’ve seen so far. Just check out the Starcraft 2 trailer and the gameplay videos.


Have you seen any Starcraft 2 screenshots?


starcraft 2 screenshot starcraft 2 screenshot starcraft 2 screenshot

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